• Last updated: April 2, 2020.


    Here are the instructions on how to access the online learning platform:
    From a computer:
    Google: Richmond County Launchpad
    Sign in using school user name and password.
    Click on the icon that says blended learning. 
    Once in, you will see many classes assigned--please ignore any classes that teachers have not assigned specifically to your student. 
    If your student is using a phone or tablet, they can download the app for launchpad: classlink (blue and white logo). Then, they will follow the same instructions as above. 
    Due by March 30
    The online course assigned for 9th grade English work is called: S. Carr Honor's distance learning.
    The online course assigned for 12th grade English work is called: S. Carr 12th grade distance learning.
    Due by May 1st 
    The online course assigned for April's 9th grade English work is called: S. Carr April distance learning 9th grade.
    The online course assigned for April's 12th grade English work is called: S. Carr April distance learning 12th grade.

    Due Dates:

    For modules due on March 30

    Prior to clicking on the class, it will show the student their progress. By Sunday, March 22, the student should have reached (roughly) 50% of the progress for that course. By March 29th, they should have completed all modules except for the unit test, which can be completed by March 30th. 

    For modules due on May 1st

     You can access a break down of the due dates from the home page by clicking on the tab for your grade level. For example, if you are in 9th grade, you will click on the tab that says "9th grade online learning". This will take you to a page that has a calendar with the due dates (and explanations of what is due) and a document that lists out due dates as well. These modules do not officially need to be started until after Spring Break!

    The following is due for both 9th and 12th grade, as well, on April 5: USA test prep materials.


    9th grade final version movie reviews are due by April 5th. 

    I will post updates as necessary on my webpage. 
    Each student should have access to remind, too. I communicate through remind very often. 
    I know this is a lot of information. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 
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  • Submit to the Voices of Richmond quarterly journal!


    If you have any creative work, please consider submitting to the Voices of Richmond quarterly journal. All creative works are accepted: pictures, drawings, pictures of paintings, graphic designs, comics, short stories, poetry, short plays. If it is creative, send it to Ms. S. Carr, the adviser over the student journal, at carrsa@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us. The journal will be published once every quarter. You can also submit a request for a message gram. If you have a message you want to send to a secret crush, a best friend, or the school, send over your requests, too! 

    Our current staff is as follows:

    Photographer: Kiara Washington

    Illustrator: Lyric Crittenden

    Journalists and editors: Makenna Gordon, Mikayla Smith, Daijah Rollen, and K'erra. 


    We look forward to your submissions! 

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  • Ongoing Assignment Reminder:

    Parents and students,

    Since each student will need to complete one book review per quarter, I suggest thinking about what book you would like to read for the second review due on December 9, 2019. Students will submit their book titles on October 21 for a grade. See assignment schedule on the home page for more information and due dates. 

     Remember that even if I haven't officially assigned homework,

    it will be your responsibility to keep up with your reading, annotating, and writing. Use your time wisely! 

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