• Physics Exam Formula Sheet


    Click here to access the Final Exam Formula Sheet

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  • Use the following quizziz to brush up on your Coulombs Law and Ohms Law skills before our test on Friday. Study hard! Good luck! 


    Coulombs Law Practice Quiz: code: 327681


    Ohms Law Practice Quiz: code: 707660


    Electricity Practice Quiz: code: 317815


    Magnetism Quiz: code: 256019

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  • Student Designed Labs Will be Thursday January 31st and Friday February 1st. 

    Students must come to class with materials and procedures ready to go for their labs. 

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  • Last Day to Make Up Gravitation Quiz

    All Gravitation quizzes must be made up or retaken by FRIDAY November 30th. 

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  • Cool Friction Simulation!!! 

    Click HERE to see what happens when you rub two objects together on the molecular level. 

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  • EdPuzzle Directions

    Go to

    Click "Sign up as a Student" 

    Enter the code "feksifk" 

    Complete the Types of Forces Assignment. 


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  • Classroom Expectations

    As we move into the second quarter of this school year, I want to take the time to establish my expectations moving forward this school year. These expectations serve the purpose of establishing structure and routine for the classroom environment in efforts to encourage opportunities for all students to learn to their full potential. The following procedures and policies will take effect starting Monday, October 15th 



    As per the RCBOE Code of Conduct “A student is tardy when he or she enters the classroom or homeroom after the ringing of the tardy bell”. Students must be entirely inside of the classroom before the last tardy bell rings, or else they will be marked as tardy. Students may NOT drop their stuff off, leave and return after the tardy bell rings without permission. Any student arriving after the tardy bell due to extenuating circumstances must have a note or some form of documentation to avoid being marked as tardy.  


    Late Work 

    All assignments are due at the BEGINNING of the period the day they are due. Any work turned in after the first five minutes of class will be considered late and face a 10% grade penalty. Late work turned in over a week after the due date will receive a maximum grade of a 70%. No further late work will be accepted after papers are handed back.  


    Academic Dishonesty 

    Academic dishonesty is defined as “A student's use of unauthorized assistance with intent to deceive an instructor or other such person who may be assigned to evaluate the student’s work in meeting course requirements” (University of Colorado Denver). Examples of academic dishonesty include plagiarism, cheating on tests or quizzes, copying other student’s homework or classwork, or attempting to turn in another student’s work as your own. Academic dishonesty is not only deceitful, but also robs students meaningful learning experiences. Academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated in this course. Any assignments deigned to be fraudulent will be given an automatic zero and will be disqualified from any opportunities for grade recovery or retakes.  



    Technology can be a powerful tool for education. Phones and other devices are welcomed and encouraged in class. However, during school hours these devices are to be used for educational purposes only. Phone calls, texting, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), as well as headphones without explicit permission are all inappropriate uses of technology and will result in a loss of technology privileges. Students will receive one warning about inappropriate technology use. Any further infractions will result in technology being confiscated and turned in to the front office. Per school policy, students who refuse to hand over technology will be referred to administration for disciplinary action.  



    Breaches in classroom expectations will result in the following consequences: 

    1st Offense/ Minor Offenses: Verbal Warning 

    2nd - 4th Offense: Teacher-Student Conference 

    5th Offense: Parent Contact 

    6th Offense and Up: Referral to Administration.  

    Please note: Consequences are always up to instructor discretion. More severe offenses may result in more severe consequences.  

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  • Quiz Retake Procedure

    In an effort to allow all students to show growth, I am enacting the following procedure for quiz retakes:

    1. Students MUST come to tutoring with Mrs. Rohde where we will complete quiz corrections

    2. Students will recieve a quizzizz code for a take home quiz

    3. Students must screen shot their quizzizz score and send to Mrs. Rohde's remind or email. 


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