• If you attended Saturday session, THANK YOU! Be sure to bring your packets to class this week to get credit for the sessions you attended.

    If you were unable to attend and wish to do the work to get the extra credit, grab packets and have them ready on your final exam day! Packets are available in my classroom this week. Each packet is worth one extra quiz grade. You may also work on them FRIDAY during make up work day if you choose to do so. 

    To be completed:

    Structure = Function Packet 

    Page 1 All, SKIP PAGE 2, Page 3-4 2006B Question 2 Prompt - complete all, Page 5 All

    Cellular Functions Packet

    Page 1 All, Page 2 -5 2007 Question 1 Prompt complete part a tasks, Skip part b, 2004 Question 3 Prompt Complete all, Page 6 All

    Matter and Energy Packet 

    Page 1 Skip, Page 2-4 2012 Question 4 Prompt complete part a task, Skip part b & c, Page 5 -6 Complete 1 -3

    Lab review Big Idea 2 Packet 

    Page 1 All, Page 2-3 2002 Question 4 complete all, Page 4 fill in Graphic Organizer, Page 5 -7 2013 Question 2 Complete all, Page 8 fill in Graphic Organizer, Page 9-11 2012 Question 2 Complete all, Page 12 2013 Question 4 all, Page 13 skip


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  • IB & AP Biology Required Supplies:

    Composition Notebook (for labs & activities) 


    3 Ring Binder for keeping handouts organized 

    Some type of basic scientific calculator (An app on a phone or tablet works as well)


    IB & AP Suggested Supplies:

    If you wish to have your own individual set OR if you are willing to donate SOMETHING to the class supply:

    Highlighters (at least 4 colors)

    Expo Markers (for whiteboard assignments)

    Sharpies (for labeling lab equipment) 


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  • Remind Info:
    To stay informed about upcoming class events and for reminders throughout the semester via text or email, please sign up for the appropriate group through Remind:
    For Text Reminders:
    For AP Biology, text @bioapwest to 81010
    For MYP Biology, text @mswestbio to 81010
    For Honors MYP Biology, text @honbiowest to 81010
    For IB Biology 12th grade, text @ib12bio to 81010 
    For IB Biology 11th grade, text @ib11bio to 81010
    For Journalism/Yearbook, text @arcybk to 81010


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  • Weekly Journal Entry:

    Pick an article. 

    Write the title of the article and date the entry.

    3, 2, 1 assignment

    3 - Facts from the article

    2- Things you wonder about after reading the article

    1- But, what if statement (a counterargument)

    Must be written in complete sentences.  

    You may turn in 1 article assignment a week for additional credit. 

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