• The second Biology Benchmark Test will be administered in December.  All 9th and 10th grade students taking Biology/MYP Biology/Honors MYP Biology will be expected to take the Benchmark Test.  This test will be over material that has been covered since the beginning of the year.  

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  • IB Biology Senior Internal Assessment Rough Drafts are Due Dec 4th.

    Use your Rubric and IA Formatting Document to ensure you pick up as many points as possible on your IA. Drafts will need to be submitted in 3 ways:

    1) Hard copy turned in in class

    2) electronic version on Edmodo

    3) electronic version on


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  • Any AP Biology Student or IB Biology Senior who plans to take the AP Biology Exam MUST register to participate in the Dec 8th Study Session at Westside High School.  Study Session Registration will close 30 days prior to the date - only registered students may attend.  

    AP BIO NMSI Sat Study Session Dec 8




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  • Remind Info:
    To stay informed about upcoming class events and for reminders throughout the semester via text or email, please sign up for the appropriate group through Remind:
    For Text Reminders:
    For AP Biology, text @bioapmswest to 81010
    For MYP Biology, text @mswestbio to 81010
    For Honors MYP Biology, text @honbiowest to 81010
    For IB Biology 12th grade, text @ib12bio to 81010 
    For IB Biology 11th grade, text @ib11bio to 81010
    For Journalism/Yearbook, text @arcybk to 81010


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  • Weekly Journal Entry:

    Pick an article. 

    Write the title of the article and date the entry.

    3, 2, 1 assignment

    3 - Facts from the article

    2- Things you wonder about after reading the article

    1- But, what if statement (a counterargument)

    Must be written in complete sentences.  

    You may turn in 1 article assignment a week for additional credit. 

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