This information is just getting to me (Mon afternoon) so please act quickly! NMSI is hosting online support sessions to help students prepare for the AP Bio Exam. You must register for each session individually. Do not wait until the last minute, as I'm not sure when the links will close. 

    I advise you to register for all so that you will have access. Hopefully they will give you info about where to find sessions after the lives. Pay attention to time zones for those you can attend live! They are not all consistent times. 

    Read the directions on the PDF and then register for the AP Bio Sessions. If you are in other AP classes, feel free to register for those sessions as well!

    Click here to open the page with all the registration links: NMSI Study Sessions

    Send me a pic of your notes for any that you are able to attend! 

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  • Distance Learning Information:

    First, let me just say I miss you all so much! I hope you are starting to find a routine that works for you for distance learning and that you and your family are doing well! I believe in you and your ability to do this. With that being said, I also know there are so many individual situations and constraints in each of your stories in this season. I know technology issues have, do, and will continue to be a problem on some days. I will continue to post assignments/expectations with deadlines to help guide you through this time apart. My expecation is that you do your best to meet them and I know you will. I know you want to do well, you've shown me that all year. Should you have a day that it just doesn't work or you get a little behind, I want you to know I understand. That is not a free pass to just take all the days off and not accomplish things, but it does mean if you need to work at your own pace, you have the freedom (within reason) to do that. I will start tracking "missing" assignments with "I"s in the gradebook, which means it's incomplete. That way you have a quick visual reminder in Infinite Campus of what you need still need to accomplish as you are able to do so. To help me not miss work that is submitted after the deadline and needs to be graded, please email or remind message me if you complete an assignment that has previously been marked as incomplete. The more you can stay on top of things and pace with us, obviously the better, so my expectation is you keep making progress, but I do want to relieve some unnecessary stress for the days that technology doesn't work, or your wifi goes down, or you just can't find the time to make it happen. Of course, we will have an endpoint and a quarter 4 grade will be assigned, so don't let yourself get too far behind. If there are circumstances beyond your control I'm not aware of, reach out. If what you thought would work in terms of tech access is not working, reach out. I can give you alternate assignments from your textbook to make sure you are moving forward and continuing to get grades. The important thing is that we keep moving forward! You've worked too hard all year to let this stop your progress now! I hope we are able to be back together in our classroom again before our year ends! Love, Ms. West 

    To find your specific expectations and resources, go to your course page and click the resources tab. If you have questions please email or Remind message me and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

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  • Remind Info: 
    To stay informed about upcoming class events and for reminders throughout the semester via text or email, please sign up for the appropriate group through Remind.
    For Text Reminders:
    For AP Biology, text @bioapwest to 81010
    For IB Biology 12th grade, text @ib12bio to 81010 
    For Journalism/Yearbook, text @arcybk to 81010


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