• Hello!

    My name is Chad Hubbard, and I am teaching English and Theory of Knowledge this year.

    I've been a teacher for 20 years, but in that time I have also been a public speaking coach, Broadway-style musical director, pep-rally emcee, youth group volunteer, lipsync battle winner, summer camp counselor, and professional wedding singer. My amazing wife, Amanda, is the Instructional Specialist here at ARC, but has also been a championship-winning cheerleading coach, English and Social Studies teacher, travel planner, blogger, and mentor. Our daughter Eleanor is in kindergarten, and has thus far become a master of the alphabet, Monkey-Shuffle dancer, and dinosaur princess. We are very proud. Our twin boys, Ethan and Peter, turned 2 this summer. Ethan aspires to be a stunt double and regularly practices by attempting to climb onto surfaces and then unceremoniously fall off of them. Peter plans on becoming a food critic, specializing in whether or not mac 'n' cheese deserves to be thrown on the floor.

    Looking forward to a great year in 2021-2022--hopefully we'll get to actually attend school the whole time! 

    Contact Information

    School Telephone: 706-737-7152

    Email: hubbach@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

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