• Class of 2021

    Graduation Information

    Please contact Ms. Weaver with any questions at WeaveSo@BOE.Richmond.k12.ga.us.



    Black dress or skirt/shirt combination (Must NOT hang below the hem of the robe!)

    Black, flat closed-toe shoes (due to location and amount of walking distances with timing restraints)

    Dark hosiery (optional)

    Cap, gown, tassel, stole, mask



    White dress shirt

    Dark tie/bowtie (black or conservative color)

    Dark pants/slacks (navy blue or black)

    Dark dress shoes (navy blue or black)

    Cap, gown, tassel, stole, mask



    Dangle/Oversized earrings (studs preferred for ladies), bracelets, necklaces, watches, sandals, stiletto heels, open-toed shoes, boots, tennis shoes, cell phones, sunglasses, gold or decorative teeth


    Special Notes:

    Graduation caps are worn level on the head. The point should be in the center of the forehead. Decorations/embellishments on cap are NOT allowed for graduation ceremony. 

    1. Please do not bring keys, wallet, pocketbooks, cell phones, etc. with you to Honors Day, Baccalaureate, or graduation. Leave those items with a friend or relative.
    2. Gowns are to be neat and wrinkle-free. All gowns are ordered through Jostens. Be sure to try on the cap and gown as soon as possible to verify fit. If you have any problems with the cap and gown, contact Jostens at (706) 868-0515 to get those issues corrected.  Josten's local office at 4800 Technology Drive, Martinez, GA will be OPEN ALL WEEK Monday. May 24th through Friday, May 28th 8:30 - 5:00 pm. 
    3. Graduates must be on their best behavior at all times. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
    4. NO GUM              NO BULL HORNS           NO BALLOONS          NO CELL PHONES
    5. Each Senior will receive 8 guest tickets for regular graduation. If it is announced that we will have a ‘Rain Plan’ graduation, only 2 guest tickets will be acknowledged for each student.  
    6. Each graduation will be live streamed thru the RCSS website. (Idea: If you have a technical savvy relative, they can create a zoom party and share the live stream OR create a Facebook Live watch party)
    7. Students are not allowed to decorate their cap/gown. This is a ceremony of tradition and uniformity that you don’t want to miss! If you choose not to follow the expectations, you do still have the right to your diploma which will be available the day after the scheduled event.