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    Black History Month Team Trivia/Scavenger Hunt

    • Submit your answers EACH DAY to Mr. Bradberry, Mr. Ryan, or your social studies teacher.
    • Questions will remain posted for two days each.


    Standings Through Q10 - Wheat Thins 88, Team Freeman 91, KhanQuest 86, others are below 60.

    The contest will end on Tuesday Feb. 26. All answers must be submitted by 2:30 that day. 

    Tuesday February 26 - Question 15


    This is the final question of the contest. Be specific and thorough. All answers are due to Mr. Bradberry by Wednesday Feb. 27.


    Answer each question related to images A,B,C.



    1. Give the setting/city of each photograph. What occurence or event is taking place in each? In what year did each event occur?

    2. Identify Person A - Why was she subjected to this mob alone? What name has been given by historians to the group of students she belonged to?

    3. Identify Person C - What was his role in the event shown in the photograph? What organization did he represent? What other civil rights group organized the event? What law was signed a few months after this event? Who signed it?

    Monday February 25 - Question 14


    Answer the questions related to the mugshots of the "criminals" below:




    A. What "crime" did each of the people above commit? What "group" did they all belong to related to their supposed "crime"?

    B. Identify A and B by name.

    C. What is A's current occupation?

    D. With what civil rights groups is B most closely associated?

    Bonus points: Identify C and D by name. 


    Friday February 22 - Question 13 - Film, Higher Education, History


    Answer the following:

    A. Identify the filmmaker below.  

    B. From which of his films is the photo below taken?

    C. Which of his films is currently nominated for Best Picture for this year's Academy Awards?

    D. From what HBCU did he graduate?

    E. Where and in what year was this HBCU founded? (be very specific)


    FOR BONUS POINTS (due by Tuesday) - Take a photograph of one of more of your team members at the location of Answer E. Send or bring the photo to Mr. Bradberry, Ms. Freeman, or Mr. Ryan BY TUESDAY.



    Thursday Feb. 21 - Question 12


    Identify the actors below labeled A,B,C,D.

    Name the film, the year, and the award which made each of them "firsts" with respect to African-American actors and the Academy Awards. 






    Wednesday Feb. 20 - Question 11


    Identify the Olympians labeled A,B,C,D,E.

    Give their name, the year, and the setting of the Olympic Games in which they won medals representing the United States. 




    Tuesday Feb. 19 - Question 10


    Identify the rock and roll icons labeled A,B,C,D,E from the photos below.





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