• Welcome to the ARC Art Studio!


    If you can make a mark, you can make some art.

    Each of you is going to surprise yourself with what you create this year.

    And if you happen to get excited about what you create, you can do more with it!


    Art is both simple & challenging.

    Allow this seemingly confusing statement to excuse your learning curve.

    You have plenty of time to create something beautiful.

    Though you need to start now.


    If you don't quite know where you are going, roll along anyways.

    It’s acceptable to be a little lost. Though get driven.

    And turn things in on time. Please. Unfinished is fine. Well, kinda.

    I mean, you’ll be graded on what you turn in. Soooo…


    Enjoy your time in class. And use ALL of YOUR time.

    If you choose to create nothing, we will put it on display. We love critiques!

    Critiques are a time to learn from one another of how our art is understood.

    Art is a visual language we can read, you know? Sort of like words.

    What will you say with your art? Without using words.

    To anyone who will look?


    I promise you, it is worth the effort. Not just for the grade either.

    Make anything your subject matter.

    Thooouuugh…keep in mind, this is a “shared environment” with a variety of people. From a variety of ways of being.

    So not quite polite, yet aware?

    Be cognizant.

Chase Lanier
  • email: laniech@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us