• Ms. Prince 

    6th grade Earth Science 

    Learning @ Home Assignments 


    Week 1: 11/09/2020-11/16/2020 

    • Read pages 125-132 of the textbook.  
    • Answer questions 1-10 on pg. 133. 
    • Type your answers and submit by 11/13/2020 on Canvas or hand write your answers and submit them in class upon return.  


    1. Use the term decomposition correctly in a sentence. 
    2. Explain how a leaf is organic matter.  
    3. Define biota in your own words.  
    4. What is in the C-Horizon? 
    5. Contrast rocks and soil. List 3 differences. 
    6. Describe what fills soil pores. 
    7. Identify Use the diagram to identify the soil horizon that contains the most organic matter.  
    8. Sequence: Copy the graphic organizer below. Starting with parent material, list steps that lead to the formation of an A horizon.  
    9. Explain: What 3 things does soil provide for plants? 
    10. Apply: Describe the soil-forming factors around your school. 


    Week 2: 11/16/2020-11/20/2020 

    • Progress Reports on Monday, 11/16/2020 
    • Read workbook pages 129-132 
    • Complete workbook pages 133-136 


    Week 3: 11/23/2020-11/27/2020 

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break! 

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  • Dear students and parents, 

    As we transition towards the Langford Middle School's virtual Learning @ Home plan, students will be  updated primarily from my Webpage's Calendar and Resources and through the online platform, Canvas, that can be accessed from the RCSS Launchpad for science content learning.  

    From 10:30-11:00 am and 2:30-3:00 pm, I will be available for parent conferences and student help via email, telephone, and  the video conference app, Microsoft Teams. 

    As we move forward,  students and parents  should check the Calendar each week for an updated assignment. Students should submit their work on Canvas OR hand write and submit it to Ms. Prince upon return.  

    Please continue to stay safe and healthy, 

    Ms. Prince


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  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    My name is Lydia Prince. I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach your child science this year. I believe that teachers need to work closely with parents and students to provide a positive atmosphere of communication and consistency. I will work diligently to educate your child so the first year in middle school will be a time of growth and success. I am confident that we are going to have a productive and successful school year. I thank you in advance for your support, and I look forward to a terrific year here at Langford Middle School!


    L. Prince

    For updates, I will be communicating through the Remind app. The code is @k7ggkha.

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