• Ms. Prince 

    6th grade Earth Science

    Learn @ Home Assignments


    Purpose: Langford Middle School has pivoted to 100% virtual instruction for January 12th-25th. All face to face students were surveyed and asked if they had access to the internet and technology. We have created a plan for those students without technology and/or the internet. As well as a virtual learning application component, Canvas located on the RCSS Launchpad for students who have technology and internet access.  Therefore, a packet has been created and can be picked up from LMS during the designated date and time to ensure that students are able to move forward with learning. Students will bring back completed assignments upon returning to school on January 26, 2021.


    Instructions: Students for each day there is a check off to read a specific portion out of the workbook or Power Point slides. After reading, you will complete a corresponding section in the workbook pages or Weather and Climate Fill-in-the-Blank notes. To complete the workbook pages, the BOLDED WORDS are the sections you will complete. For the Climate and Weather notes, please follow the numbers.  



    Complete Section  

    €      Day 1 01/14/2021 

    €        Ch.12 Lesson 1 Workbook Pgs. 362-363 


    €        Define 

    €        Describe 

    €        Examine 

    €      Day 2 01/15/2021 

    €        Ch.12 Lesson 1 Workbook Pg.364 


    €        Explain 

    €        Identify 

    €      Day 3 01/19/2021 

    €        Ch.12 Lesson 1 Workbook Pg. 365 


    €        Sequence 

    €        Classify 

    €        Complete  

    €      Day 4 01/20/2021 

    €        Ch.12 Lesson 1 Workbook Pg. 366 


    €        Identify 

    €        Label 

    €      Day 5 01/21/2021 

    €        Review Ch.12 Lesson 1 Workbook pgs. 362-366 

    €        After Your Read on p.367 

    €        Connect It on 371 

    €      Day 6 01/22/2021 

    €        Weather and Climate PowerPoint Slides 1-7 

    €        Answer packet questions 1-11 

    €      Day 7 01/25/2021 

    €        Weather and Climate PowerPoint Slides 8-13 

    €        Answer packet questions 12-18 

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  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    My name is Lydia Prince. I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach your child science this year. I believe that teachers need to work closely with parents and students to provide a positive atmosphere of communication and consistency. I will work diligently to educate your child so the first year in middle school will be a time of growth and success. I am confident that we are going to have a productive and successful school year. I thank you in advance for your support, and I look forward to a terrific year here at Langford Middle School!


    L. Prince

    For updates, I will be communicating through the Remind app. The code is @k7ggkha.

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