• If your teacher is not listed below, contact him or her for their specific exam block plans. All students are required to attend their IB/AP classes this week.

    Teacher Name of AP/IB Class Periods Description of the activity/assessment/assignment planned
    How will this assignment be counted as a grade?
    Angela Lillard Personal and Professional Skills 2 1st Purple, 1st Gold Reflective Project Feedback- question and answer session and Duolingo
    35% Reflective Project Component
    Angela Lillard AP Literature and Composition 4th period Mock Multiple Choice and FRQ 1 Essay
    10% Performance Assessment
    Elise Aldred IB Math SL Year 2 2nd period Finish unit with unit test. We will begin our IA process. Very important day to NOT miss. We will score sample IAs and become familiar with the rubric.
    Will give understanding into the IA process, so will be reflected in the IA score in the spring.
    Jamie Baxley IB Math Applications and Interpretations Year 1 5th period, 6th period

    We will be reviewing questions from previous tests and will be working on the terminology of the questions and thoroughly explaining the meaning of the questions.

    We will also continue with the curriculum and do investigations/problems for the next topic.

    Will count as an investigation grade
    Elise Aldred IB Math A&A Year 1 4th period Will continue with our current topic - Calculus - may be able to do a few practice problems if we have covered enough material by then Grading as usual
    Nancy Ginn AP Statistics 1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period 1st Hour: Review Chapter 13 - 14
    2nd Hour: Unit IV Mini Test
    3rd Hour Recovery for Chapter 13 and/or 14
    Mini Test and Half of Unit IV counts once in the graded assessments category. Recovery Activity can add points to Quizzes on Chapter 13 and/or 14 taken earlier and returned.
    Elise Aldred AP Calculus 1st Gold No exam block, business as usual. May cancel class Monday due to Gold day testing - half my students will have nothing to do for 3 hours while waiting for the rest of their day. Grading as usual
    Katie West AP Biology 3rd period, 4th period Signal Transduction Taste Lab - investigating cell signaling and cellular communication pathways in taste receptors
    Laboratory Performance Assessment Grade & Quiz Grade
    Katie West IB Biology Year 2 5th period Signal Transduction Taste Lab - investigating cell signaling and cellular communication pathways in taste receptors
    Laboratory Performance Assessment Grade & Quiz Grade
    Zulailed Rivera IB Spanish Year One 1st period, 1st Purple, 1st Gold My students will be presenting projects they have been working on today. The project is on a specific country and the customs, traditions, celebrations, and cultural aspects. 
    PBA- Performance Based assessment 40%
    Nicole Moss IB Bio Year 1 4th period, 6th period Cumulative semester exam One test grade
    Nicole Moss IB ESS 1st Gold Test on 2.1 and 2.2 Test grade
    Mrs. Arca AP Lang 2nd period Students will work on the AP Lang Rubric Project. They will create the visual in class and present their work. major assessment grade
    Matthew Ryan IB History, Year II 2nd period, 3rd period IA Workshop/Writing Time
    Final IA will be counted as test grade
    Matthew Ryan AP World History 1st period, 5th period, 6th period Long Essay Question Introduction and Practice Test Grade
    Jennifer Wilson IB Literature Year 2 4th period, 5th period We will be revisiting the novels that we read last year as well as those we have already read for this year. We will be reconnecting with these novels through art in order to keep them fresh in our minds and ready for the IB exams in the spring.
    This assignment will replace the lowest test grade that the student has for the quarter.
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