• IB MATH Work - August 3 - September 4


    Complete this work on your own notebook paper - you do NOT have to print this out.  The work contains topics you should be familiar with before starting your math course.  We suggest you complete one a day.  Some of it will be easy, some of it will not.  Khan Academy is a great resource.  While this work is optional, it is strongly recommended that you complete it to refresh your Algebra skills.  This will be your first test grade.  Should you choose not to complete this work, you will NOT be penalized.  Again, it is strongly recommended since we are losing 5 weeks of instruction due to our delayed start date.  The IB/ARC Code of Academic Honesty applies to your work.  All work should be your own.


    Remind code for Mrs. Aldred - IB Analysis and Approaches -  2nd period - @aldred2022


    Remind code for Ms. Baxley - IB Applications and Interpretation - 2nd period - @8b6fgd4


    IB Math Work - Mrs. Aldred and Ms. Baxley


    Parts a-e

    Parts f-i

    Parts j-n

    Parts o-s

    Parts t-v

    Parts w-y