• Our Alma Mater glorious stands 
    By old Savannah's turbid stream, 
    Upreared by loyal hearts and hands, 
    Fulfillment of her children's dream.
    Her noble sons adown the years, 
    Have proved their courage, conquered fears, 
    On fields of glory, honor, tears, 
    Inspired by Alma Mater. 
    Her last-born sons go forth to prove 
    'Mid scenes of joy, 'mid scenes of strife, 
    The strength of her sustaining life, 
    They go at duty's stern command, 
    On sea, in the sky, or distant hand, 
    Of our fair Alma Mater. 
    A gracious mother, fair and wise, 
    Ten thousand sons she yet shall bear, 
    With souls unseared in honor's eyes, 
    With zeal to do, with will to dare, 
    And when their well-spent days are told, 
    From every deed of hero bold, 
    Weave thou a crown more rich than gold, 
    For brow of Alma Mater. 
    Written by Dr. Eric W. Hardy