• Below are the graded assignments that must be completed and submitted by October 23 for a maximum grade of 80%. If the assignment is NOT completed, it will be marked as MISSING which factors in as a 0 in the gradebook. The only assignments that CANNOT be submitted are LABS. 

    Students will need a parent signature to submit missing assignments.

    Grading Scale 

    35% Tests/ Projects

    30% Quizzes/ Labs

    30% Classwork

    5% Homework

    1 Test/ 1 Project

    3 Labs

    5 Classwork Assignments

    5 Homework Assignments

    Q1 Grades  

      U1T: Unit 1 Test 


     Unit 1 Summative Assessment Project


    MM: M & M Lab Report 

    DL: Density Lab 

    VML: Virtual Mineral Lab 

    LSQ: Learning Style Quiz CW

    LSP: Lab Safety Poster CW

    FW1: Free Write 1 CW 

    FW2: Free Write 2 CW

     FW3: Free Write 3 CW

    SAF: Syllabus Acknowledgement Form HW

    SSS: SpongeBob Science Safety HW

     FLSC: Flinn's Lab Safety Contract HW

     BP: Birthstone Properties HW

    U1SG: Unit 1 Study Guide HW