• The SAT is a standardized test that colleges and universities use for admission to determine a student's academic skills. Registration for the SAT needs to be completed by the student, not by a parent or guidance counselor.


    To register, you'll need to do the following:


    • Pick your test date (click here for test dates and deadlines), and try to get your SAT registration finished as soon as possible. Late registration accrues additional fees, and there's also a cutoff.


    • Decide between the SAT and the SAT with Essay, which is optional. Some colleges require the SAT essay, so find out ahead of time. You'll also need to find out if you need to take SAT Subject Tests, which are also required by selective colleges.


    • Registration can be completed online on the College Board website or by filling out the form provided in the Student Registration Booklet for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests and mailing it in. This booklet can be obtained from your school counselor.


    • Be sure all your personal data matches the exact information on your photo ID.



    • Decide if you want to use the College Board’s Student Search Service, which is free but requires you to provide additional information about yourself. Based on the information you give, scholarship organizations and colleges can find you to give information on their programs.


    •  Remember that you'll be responsible for paying a registration fee, which is $46 for the SAT and $60 for the SAT with Essay. Fee waivers are available for those in low-income households.


    • Once your registration is complete, be sure to print out your Admission Ticket, as you'll need it on the day of your test.