• Parent Liaisons (Mentors) are available to assist in encouraging a collaborative partnership between parents, educators, and administrators.

    Parent Liaisons are professional staff members of the school system who know first-hand the triumphs and disappointments of raising a child with learning, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. Liaisons provide families and educators better insight into one another’s perspective with their front row seat in both worlds. Through Regional and statewide trainings, mentors promote positive changes for families of children with disabilities in collaboration with educators.

    Parent Liaisons are also available to assist parents, care-givers, and other persons interested in the education of students with disabilities by providing necessary information for transition and other post-secondary options. Our mission is to build effective family, school, and community partnerships which lead to greater student achievement for all students, in particular those with disabilities.  
    For additional information, please call (706) 826-1132, Ext. 5642 or contact: