• Teachers "SPOTTED" by a member of the district mathematics department for teaching an engaging and relevant mathematics lesson to students are highlighted below!


    Effective mathematics instruction begins with effective teaching. No lesson, no matter how well planned, can be successful if the elements of effective teaching are not in place. The quality of the implementation of MATHEMATICS teaching greatly influences its impact on student learning. There are some specific teacher behaviors that “matter” in the teaching of mathematics.  In the lesson observed by a member of the district mathematics department, the teacher was effectively implementing the following behaviors that "matter".  Therefore we THANK YOU for...

    • challenging students to think more deeply about the problems they are solving and ask them to explain the solutions. 
    • presenting questions that stimulate students’ curiosity and encourage them to investigate further. 
    • demonstrating enthusiasm for the content as well as a belief that all students are capable of learning the material, with lessons designed to encourage curiosity, interest, and skill-building.
    • promoting both student learning and motivation.


    Thank YOU


    School: Glenn Hills Middle School

    Teacher: Dr. Ronald McKie

    Class: 8th Grade



    Glenn Hills Middle School teacher, Dr. Ronald McKie, shares his love of mathematics in a warm and inviting classroom with high expectations and mutual respect.  Strong classroom rituals and routines allow for smooth transitions and maximum use of class time. Dr. McKie models and bridges common student math speak to precise mathematical language and expects appropriate student discourse thereafter.  Students engage in an in-depth and rich experience of eighth grade mathematics while focusing on high level understanding of standards daily. 


    What do you love about teaching mathematics?  Watching students minds grow as content material is introduced to them to think outside the box."





    School: Academy of Richmond County HS

    Teacher: Mrs. Beverly Prouty

    Class: PreCalculus


    ARC teacher, Beverly Prouty, is thoroughly enjoying her 11th year of teaching.  She has created a classroom atmosphere were students are willing to take chances, actively engage, make mistakes, and take the lead when necessary.  Here, students are collaboratively working together to correct misunderstandings and ensure mastery of standards by all students.


    What do you love about teaching mathematics?  "EVERYTHING!!!!!!"





    The following teachers were SPOTTED implementing a highly effective NUMBER TALK with their students. Students were actively engaged and using hand signals to identify their strategies. Way to go teachers! Thank you for practicing fluency with your mathematicians!




    School: Corinna Walker

    Teacher: Willis Foreman Elementary School

     Class: 4th Grade




      What do you love about teaching mathematics?  I love being able to help students build their confidence and gain a better understanding of math. One of the joys of being a math teacher is when I can get students to reverse their way of thinking from “Math is hard” to “I look forward to the challenge.” 





    School: Mrs. Courteney Mihalchik

    Teacher: Diamond Lakes Elementary School

     Class: 1st Grade


      What do you love about teaching mathematics? I like that I am able to engage my students in a variety of ways that help them maintain and build on the mathematical concepts being taught.




    School: Mrs.Tamera Bing

    Teacher: Lamar Milledge Elementary School

     Class: 3rd Grade






    School: Rhonda Smith-O'Connor

    Teacher: Willis Foreman Elementary School

     Class: 2nd Grade