Travel Forms

  • Travel Pre-Approval Form T-1 updated 9.30.20

    Travel Reimbursement Request Form T-2 updated 9.30.20

    Local Travel Reimbursement Request Form T-3 updated 9.30.20

    State of Georgia Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption Certificate - submit to hotel upon check-in

    Sales Tax Exemption Form - submit to hotel upon check-in


    • Travel Pre-Approval through ESM is required prior to booking travel. Travel pre-approval should be requested no less than three weeks prior to the first payment deadline of any registration or travel fees to ensure proper payment of fees according to Board policy


    • Travel Reimbursements must be completed upon return from any trip. Failure to submit travel reimbursements timely may result in reimbursement after 60-days subsequent to the travel, and will be required to be included as taxable income in the employee's paycheck according to IRS regulation. Travel reimbursements requested after 90 days will not be reimbursed.


    • Local Travel Reimbursements should be requested on a monthly basis. Travel reimbursements received after 60 days will be included as taxable income on your paycheck according to IRS regulation. Travel reimburesements requested after 90 days will not be reimbursed.


    • For hotel stays in Georgia, the Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption Certificate and Sales Tax Exemption Forms MUST be submitted upon check-in. Hotel stays should be paid for by Board check or Board credit card based on submission of pre-approval and requests through ESM. Failure to follow Board policy and procedure and use of a personal credit card may result in the hotel's refusal to accept these forms. Any taxes incurred, other than $5/night transportation fee, will be disallowed and will not be reimbursed to the employee. 


    The above is not intended to be a full detail of Board travel policies or procedures. Please refer to the full description of such policies and procedures, or contact Budget and Finance, for more information.