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    A Certified Professional School Nurse (RN or LPN) is one who is currently licensed by the Georgia Board of Nursing and certified in CPR and First Aid instruction.  

    The daily responsibilities of the school nurse in Richmond County Public Schools include the following:

    • Manages the school health services under the direction of the Superintendent and Principal, and in compliance with school district and state policies.
    • Functions in accordance with the Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice, the Nurse Practice Act, and Federal and State statutes that impact school nursing practice.
    • Provides information to the school board and school administrators as they develop school health policies and procedures.
    • Provides health-related training to school personnel.
    • Provides preventive health services to students including health education, screening, consultation, and referrals.
    • Provides nursing assessments and nursing diagnoses and develops plans of care for students needing health and nursing interventions.
    • Implements interventions within the plan of care directly, through delegation, or through the provision of oversight and coordination to other responsible staff based on consideration of health, safety, and welfare of the student.
    • Coordinates in-school health care with the student’s primary care physician, and other providers/staff as necessary and appropriate.



    Our "Nurse of the Year" for 2016-2017 is Farhana Qazi, school nurse for both Gracewood Elementary and Tobacco Road Elementary Schools.    May 10th, 2017 was National School Nurse Appreciation Day and RCSS celebrated all of it's school nurses by showing their appreciation with a luncheon at Central Office.   Congratulations Nurse Qazi!!! 

    We appreciate all our nurses & the hard work that you do!