RCSS earns Cognia accreditation




The Richmond County School System has successfully completed their Cognia reaccreditation, which is an indication that the School System meets established performance standards focused on productive learning environments, equitable resource allocation, and effective leadership. This reaccreditation cycle began when the school system was last accredited in 2018. In March 2024, we were notified of the results and our overall score exceeded the national average by 64 points. 


Dr. Kenneth Bradshaw, Superintendent of Schools adds, “The result of our commitment to improving student achievement and success was on full display during this entire process. The Cognia reviewers commended us on our involvement of stakeholders and how we provide support to students to remove academic and non-academic barriers. These outstanding results were a combination of contributions by our school-based leaders and our Accountability Team, who led this process and provided updates on our progress. The leadership of the Accountability Team was integral to our exceptional overall score.” 


Areas of improvement in the report include enhancing student voice so students are more engaged in their learning and the opportunities for improvement. One area of improvement that was noted which we had already begun work on was our decision-making process on longrange plans for facilities, structures and programs. 


Cognia also noted two of our challenges including having too many buildings that are not at capacity to maximize funding and maintaining teachers and leaders who are capable of impacting student achievement and school programming offerings. 


Data for reaccreditation was compiled from our state and national test results, Georgia Health Climate Survey, RCSS and Federal Surveys, and feedback from stakeholder meetings, advisory groups and Community Conversations. 


The School System is accredited through 2030.