About Renting or Using School Facilities  

    (Classrooms, Auditoriums, Cafeterias;  NOT Stadiums)

    For purposes of the information provided in this web page, the terms "use", "lease", and "rental" are substantially interchangeable.  The use of all Richmond County School System Facilities will be covered under a lease agreement.  Initial coordination will be made with the respective school administrator.  Personnel or agencies requesting use of a facility must submit a request ("application") within a specified timeline, and are responsible for offsetting the costs (use fees, utilities, personnel costs, damages, etc., as indicated in the fee schedule)  All uses will be documented in a legal document specifying the specific times and facilities to be rented.  Schools will designate personnel to supervise the lease and monitor the security of the school's facilities.  The cost of such supervision will be passed along to the renter.
    The following are the requirements for community members and organizations to use (lease) Richmond County School System facilities:
                        -Adhere to the required timeline for submitting requests for use of school facilities.  
                      -Coordinate initially with the school principal of the perspective school to determine
                       availability, suitability of the facilities.
                      -Completes the appropriate application and provides it to the respective school
                        -Agrees to the Security and Monitoring Requirements terms.  
                        -Read and agree to the School System's Leasing Rules.  
                        -Understand and comply with the insurance requirements.  
                        -Understands and agree to the fee schedule.  
                        -Agree to pay rental fees in ADVANCE by check to Richmond County School System.  
                        -Agree to coordinate directly with Police, Fire, or EMT if these services are required.  
                      -Submit the completed and signed application to the Lease Coordinator on time, with
                       the following:
                             *Certificate of Liability Insurance within the limits required.  
                             *Proof of coordination for Police, Fire, or EMT services (if required)  
                           *If requesting non-profit status, provides letter of determination from the
                             Internal Revenue Service verifying its 501(c)(3) status
                             or suitable acceptable documentation.

    The Lease Coordinator will prepare the lease agreement and notify the renter when the form is prepared.  at that time, the renter shall:

                      -Sign the lease agreement (notarized in Lease Coordinator office)  
                      -Provide payment for the services requested. (in advance)
                      -If necessary, cancel the event ASAP (minimum 2 days prior to event). 
                      -Conduct the event. 
                      -Adhere to the terms of the contract (Early arrivals, late departures and use of facilities
                       other than those specified in the contract will not be tolerated).
                      -Reimburses the School System for any unexpected costs that may arise from the event. 



    Initial Coordination Deadline:  Twenty (20) or more working days prior to an event: Initial coordination must be made well in advance of the proposed event.  As a minimum, the prospective renter must provide a completed application to the school administrator twenty (20) working days prior to the scheduled event. 

    Application Submission Deadline to Lease Coordinator: Fifteen (15) or more working days prior to an event:  The renter must provide the completed application with the school administrator's approval to the Lease Coordinator a minimum of fifteen (15) working days prior to the scheduled event.

    Applications not received within the above guidelines will be returned to the applicant without action.

    Lease Completion Deadline: Five (5) working days prior to an event:  The Lease Coordinator will make every effort to provide the final signed lease to the renter and distributed to schools five working days prior to the scheduled event (provided above timelines are met).

    These timelines are the minimum necessary to insure the lease application is properly reviewed and the lease form is prepared and signed. 

    Two (2) working days prior to an event:  This is the minimum time prior to an event date that a renter can cancel an event and minimize costs.


    The Administrator will perform the following functions at the coordination meeting with the prospective renter.
      1.   Conduct initial coordination with prospective users / renters.   
      2.   Determines the feasibility of the user/renter's request, availability of the requested facilities, and availability of personnel to provide the required security for the school during the rental.  
      NOTE:  Administrator will reject a rental or use request that cannot be supported or that conflict with school activities or existing leases.  
    3.   Review the application form. Ensures the form is accurate and complete
    4.   Advises renter of security requirements.
    5.   Advises the renter of the school system rules. 
    6.   Determines whether Police, Fire, or EMT support is required.
    NOTE:  Inform the applicant of the requirement to coordinate this support directly with the providers once the lease has been signed and that proof of the service will be required prior to the event.
    7.   Approves the requested lease by signing in the appropriate location. 
    8.   Directs renter to the Lease Coordinator. 
    9.   Records the request and status on the appropriate forms. 
    10. Follows up on the request as necessary. 
    11. Reports any deviations from the lease agreement to the lease coordinator.
    12. Terminates the lease immediately if the renter violates school system rules.
    13. Provide follow up information concerning damages the renter must pay to the Lease Coordinator. 


    NOTE: Prospective renters can elect to mail or hand-carry rental applications to the Lease Coordinator in the Facilities and Maintenance Department at 1781 15th Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901.  In any event, applications must be received a minimum of fifteen (20) days prior to the date of the event.  Exceptions will apply to certain renters.




    Upon receipt of the completed application, the Lease Coordinator will:
      1.   Review the application for recommendations, timeliness, completeness, and accuracy.     
      2.   Ensure the prospective renter is in good standing with the school system.    
      3.   Reject applications that have been disapproved by the School Administrator.    
      4.   Return applications that do not meet the required timeline.    
      5.   Review the fees to determine whether the costs are accurate.    
      6.   Computes a rental cost sheet. (Coordinates this with the renter)    
      7.   Reviews associated documentation to ensure the following documentation:    
           -  Proof of Insurance    
           -  Agreements with Police or Fire Departments and EMT (if required)    
           -  Obtain Advanced Payment (Check payable to Richmond County School System)    
           -  IRS letter (if renter claims non-profit status)    
      8.   Prepares the lease document.    
      9.   Obtains the renters signature    
      10. Obtain the required signature from the Superintendent's designee(s).    
      11. Coordinates via email with the Energy Manager to ensure HVAC and electrical power is available for the event.    
      12. Distributes signed copies of leases to renter and appropriate administrator.    
      13. Follows up with school as appropriate.