Back to School We're Back together for Fall 2021

We're Back Together!

  • The start of the school year is an exciting time for us all. Our students, teachers and staff anticipate this time together to learn and share experiences. 

    Many parents and community stakeholders have questions about the return to school and the resources highlighted on this page are to help ensure that our return is a positive experience for our families and community. 

    We have compiled a Back to School Guide to highlight our school system COVID-19 safety protocols, tips for preparing your family for back to school and some helpful checklists. 

Start Dates

  • Elementary Students (Pre K - 5th Grade) start on August 5

    K-8 Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, eSchool start on August 9 

Open House

  • Open House for Middle and High School will be held on August 2 from noon - 6 p.m. 

    Open House for Elementary and K-8 will be held on August 3 from noon - 6 p.m. 

    This is an opportunity to visit your classroom and meet your teacher, receive school supply lists and pick up class schedules.