• Teachers and school administrators use tests and assessments to determine a student's mastery of topics and concepts from specific classes. While some assessments are given by a teacher in a class for practice or a grade, assessments are also required by state and federal law. Our classes and programs are designed to support each student's ability to learn and perform at their highest level. We have assembled some resources and information about the state and federally-mandated assessments, as well as college and career tests that can be used to determine a student's career.  

Test Taking Tips

    1. Get a good night’s rest and go to bed at a reasonable time.
    2. Eat a good breakfast every morning to feel energized and alert.
    3. Wear comfortable clothing for long test-taking periods.
    4. Make sure to read each question carefully.
    5. Come to school daily with a confident attitude and positive thinking.
    6. Focus on each question carefully and eliminate obvious wrong answers.
    7. Read the directions on the test and follow them closely and exactly how it’s written.
    8. Take a few deep breaths before starting the test or imagine a peaceful place if you feeling anxious.