Richmond County School System Technology Department's mission is to enhance the learning experience through a infusion of technology into the instructional process to promote lifelong learners and productive citizens in the 21st Century.


      The role of technology in this mission is to provide quality programs and activities along with support and services to RCSS for the purposes of improving student learning, enhancing instructional and administrative effectiveness. Students will be prepared for the future through the instructional use of interactive computer-based technologies and Internet resources.


      In order to prepare students to become global citizens and 21st century learners, we envision a technology department that provides exceptional technological resources, new and innovative opportunities, and unparalleled customer service.





    Through technology, RCSS strives to support the mission and vision statements by targeting various areas of impact and/or improvement, to include:


    • Continuing to upgrade, maintain, and support the wired and wireless network infrastructure and end-user hardware/software to assure access for administrators, faculty, staff, and students.


    • Making the use of technology second nature to students at all levels with curriculum integration strategies and 21st Century equipment and resources for alternative means of remediation, enrichment, instruction, and achieving system-wide goals for student performance.


    • Providing students with technological proficiency to bridge the gap between secondary education and the essential skills necessary for college preparedness and/or the job market.


    • Improving student achievement on standardized tests through a systematic process of continuous data evaluation.


    • Streamlining data collection by providing access to data repositories for all employees and provide extraction and analysis training.


    • Providing effective and efficient resources to support community awareness by utilizing technology as a medium to create an interactive partnership between the Richmond County School System, parents, community agencies, and business/industry partners.


    • Assisting teachers in the integration of technology into the curriculum.


    • Utilizing technology to support, develop, and evaluate the professional  growth of administrators, faculty, and staff, which will result in maximum learning for all students.