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    Office 365 for Richmond County School Staff/Administration


    Through an enterprise agreement with Microsoft, Richmond County School System is now able to provide Office 365 services to students and staff. The first wave of this adoption includes:


    For Staff: Office ProPlus

    Office ProPlus for staff : Download Microsoft Office on up to 5 personal devices


    For Staff: OneDrive

    OneDrive for Business for staff: Collaborate with colleagues and share documents online


    To get to Office 365, enter in a web browser. Login by entering your RCSS and RCSS password.

    Click on the links above to learn more, access frequently asked questions (FAQs) and training resources for these services.





    Will all Richmond County. employees convert to Microsoft Office 365?

    All Richmond County employees, will be migrated to Microsoft Office 365.


    Will I receive training for Office 365?

    Click here for end user Microsoft Office 365 Training.


    When will I be converted to Office 365?

    Richmond County employees will be notified based on a schedule put out by the IT department. More information to come.


    What should I do to prepare for migration to Office 365?

    • To help streamline your migration, Please organize your emails and delete those that are no longer necessary.
    • One week prior to your conversion, look at and do some training that is appropriate to your Office 365 knowledge and experience level.


    How will the migration process work?

    Prior to this occurring, you will be notified about when you can expect this software installation and if there are any actions you need to take. Current versions of Microsoft Office products may be removed and replaced with the 2013 version. Outlook and Skype for Business also will be installed on your computer. You will not be able to use Outlook or Skype until you are converted to Office 365.


     What if I am not going to be in the office on my conversion date?

    Your deployment will take place on your conversion date regardless of whether you are in the office on that date. Any steps that you would normally take on your conversion date – such as activating Microsoft Outlook or setting up your iPhone can be done on your first day in the office following your conversion.


    I don’t see my shared/group mailbox in Outlook. Where is it?

    Shared/group mailboxes cannot be converted to Outlook until all users of the mailbox are converted. Depending on the timing of your conversion, you may not see some of your shared/group mailboxes in Outlook.

    Will my email address change when I convert to Outlook?

    Your email address will not change. 


    What will happen to my emails that are archived in Retain?

    You will be able to see the most recent six months of email in your Outlook Inbox. After you convert, all new email will be stored in Outlook and can be found using Outlook Search.


    If you delete an email message from your deleted items folder you will be able to recover it for up to 14 days by using Recover Deleted Items.


    Your Archives located on your Computer will remain connected and after your migration you should see a new “online archive –” We recommend that you move your archive from your workstation to the online archive so that you will then have access to all of your archive files where ever you access your email.





    Will the sign-on process change for my desktop?

    Not at this present time. All users will continue to log in to your desktop with your Active Directory/Network password.



    Will I have the ability to change my Office 365 password?

    No passwords will still need to be changed with the current procedure.





    Will I be able to use the Office 365 software that I have access to prior to my conversion date?

    Yes, however you may be asked to sign in with your Outlook User Name (RICHMOND Domain username ( and password. Until you convert to Outlook, simply cancel out of this request and you can continue to use the Office products.


    Will there be changes to how I currently work in Excel?

    When you modify and save an older Excel worksheet (.xls) in Excel 2013, use the save default of .xls. If you save your existing .xls file as an .xlsx, you risk impacting the functionality of the existing worksheet, including breaking any links that may be referenced by the existing worksheet. Any new worksheets that you create can be saved in the .xlsx format with no issues.

    Will there be changes to how I currently work in Access?

    Access databases are not impacted. If you are currently using an older version (pre-2007) of Access, you will retain that version. If you are currently using Access 2007 or higher, you will receive Access 2013.


    Will I be able to use the voice and video capabilities of Skype for Business?

    All user will have access to Skype for Business with users on the Richmond County Office 365 domain


    How do I save a Skype for Business instant message conversation to Outlook?

    All Skype conversations are automatically saved to the Conversation History folder in Outlook.



    When can I start to use Microsoft SharePoint?

    Governance and administration policies and practices must be established in advance of deploying SharePoint. These processes are scheduled to be announce when available.




    Office 365 mobile setup - Help


    I currently have a Mobile device. Can I expect any changes when I migrate?

    If you have a mobile device you will be provided with instructions on how to synchronize email, contacts, and appointments with Microsoft Outlook.  




    Will I still have access to my personal drive as well as any shared document drives (e.g. “Y” drive?)?

    Yes. All internal drives will continue to be available. You are encouraged to take advantage of OneDrive cloud storage as an alternative to your internal Richmond County shared drives.


    Are there any limitations to loading files to One Drive?

    No more than 1,000 files can be uploaded at the same time. Uploading entire directories is not recommended due to the potential impact on network traffic.


    What is the process for recovering files that are deleted from One Drive?

    Deleted files can only be retrieved within 14 days of being deleted. To retrieve deleted documents click on the Recycle Bin and select the document to be restored to your document folder.