Children must be four years of age on September 1, 2019, based on acceptable documentation, such as birth certificates, certificates of live birth, passports, official medical documents, legal documents, or official documents from other countries. Only children whose birthdates are from September 2, 2014, through September 1, 2015, are eligible for participation in the 2019-2020 school year. Proof of age eligibility must be on file the day the child begins the Pre-K program. Payments to Pre-K providers will be reduced for children without age documentation on file the first day of school. Children who are five years of age on September 1, 2019, and have not attended Georgia’s Pre-K Program as four-year-olds, may enroll in the Pre-K program. Parents and teachers are encouraged to consider the child’s date of birth, physical maturity, emotional maturity, and prior experiences when making the decision to enroll the child in the Pre-K program at age four or age five.



    2019-2020 Pre-K Late Registration

    1. Complete an online application, https://magnet.rcss-k12.org/Login.asp
    2.  Once completed application has been submitted, please contact  the school for additional information about an open slot or waiting list slot.
    3. To find an elementary school in your zone, School Zone & Bus Stop Locator.  If placed in an out of zoned school, parents are responsible for transportation. Students will resume in their zoned schools for Kindergarten.

    2019-2020 RCSS Pre-K Openings

    Glenn Hills Elementary 7:30 - 2:30 Pre-K - 5 Shawnda Spruill 2838 Glenn Hills Drive/Augusta/30906 706-796-4942
    Lamar-Milledge Elementary  7:30 – 2:30  Pre-K - 5  Shetina Roulhac  510 Eve St/Augusta/30904  706-737-7262
    Jamestown Elementary  8:15 - 3:15  Pre-K - 5  Vanetta Lawrence-Chapman  3637 Heirs Blvd./Hephzibah/30815  706-796-4760
    Terrace Manor Elementary  8:15 - 3:15  Pre-K - 5  Tonya Bradburn  3110 Tate Road/Augusta/30906  706-796-4910
    Richmond Hill K8 9:00-4:00 Pre-K - 5 Cordaryl Middleton 3420 Julia Drive/Augusta/30906 706-796-4944
    Wheeless Road Elementary ( Housed in Rollins Elementary) 7:30 - 2:30 Pre-K -5 Timothy Jones 2160 Mura Drive/Augusta/30906 706-796-4985

    *C.T. Walker does not have a Pre-K Program* 


    ***Proof of Residency and Age must be on file the first day the child starts the program.***

    Proof of Residency (Required at time of registration)

    • Current mortgage statement/lease agreement
    • Current utility bill for address of service
    • Current vehicle registration

    Proof of Age (Student only & required at time of registration):

    • Original Birth Certificate (no copies)

    Other Documentation due during the school year (not required at time of registration):

    • Social Security Card or Social Security Waiver Form (provided by Bright from the Start)
    • GA Form 3231- Immunization (Due First 30 days of school)
    • GA Form 3300- Eye, Ear, Dental, and Nutrition Screening (Due First 90 days of school)