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    The 2nd round of the L4GA grant (Georgia's Literacy for Learning, Leading, and Living) was awarded to 6 schools in 2021:  Diamond Lakes, Tobacco Rd, Willis Foreman, Pine Hill, Spirit Creek, and Cross Creek. Amy Adams is the primary point of contact for this grant work. Our goal is to encourage a love of literacy from birth to graduation throughout the community!  This grant runs through 2025, when there is the potential for another round of funding.

    Our group also supports special programs offered for students across the school district, such as the Governor's Honors Program and the Academic Decathlon.

    Have you heard about a grant that will support your ideas, programs, and initiatives?  We can help with that!  We work with schools to gather data, create the narrative, and apply for local, state, and national grants.  Contact Cheri Ogden if you want help with a grant.

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