• RCSS Policy Adoption and Revision Information


    The Board of Education, representing the citizens of Richmond County, is the governing body that establishes policies to set the standard for students to receive a high-quality education. Policies are created in the areas of School District Organization, School Board Operations, Fiscal/Business Management, Facilities, Personnel, Instruction, Student Services, and other areas that promote student achievement and operational effectiveness.


    Policy Process

    • Policies are regularly reviewed based on a policy review calendar as well as in response to changes in applicable laws and regulations, stakeholder input, and review of student performance data.
    • The policy committee, in collaboration with the Policy and Legal Compliance Office, reviews, revises and presents these policy proposals to the Superintendent and Senior Team. The Board Attorney may also provide input regarding the considered policy.
    • Following the review of the policy, the proposed policy or revision is provided to the Board Members for their consideration and input.
    • The Policy is placed on the website for a period of 30 days to allow for stakeholder input.
    • Any stakeholder feedback is provided to the Board for consideration.
    • At the regular Board meeting following the 30-day review period, the Board makes any final revisions and votes on the policy.
    • After the vote is final, any changes to the policy are placed within the online RCSS Board Policy Manual.

    To submit a proposal for policy creation or revision, please access the Policy Request Form. Policy requests may originate from employees, parents, or other concerned individuals in the community.

    For more information regarding the Policy Development process, please see Board Policy BD: Policy Development. For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Policy and Legal Compliance Office at 706-826-1000, ext. 5420.