RCSS Strategy Map 2020
  • Procedures for the Continuous Improvement Process

    The Richmond County School System Strategic Plan is structured around the continuous improvement process.  Through this model, RCSS developed a Strategy Map by which all system, department, and school improvement planning is guided.


    Every school and program in the Richmond County School System will develop a school improvement plan aligned to the Strategy Map above in Goal Area and Performance Objectives.  Every school improvement plan will be guided by the RCSS Data Framework and follow the continuous improvement cycle of Assess, Plan, Implement, and Monitor.  In order to develop the School Improvement Plan, each school must work through the following procedures:


    • Complete a Needs Assessment provided by the School System
    • Communicate with school leadership and stakeholders to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
    • Conduct root cause analyses on the Weaknesses and Threats


    • Based on the root cause analyses, identify broad initiatives with specific action steps to address the issues identified.
    • Enter the initiatives, action steps, and other required information into the School Improvement Plan template provided by the System.
    • Record the baseline year data for the required performance measures as well as appropriate targets for the span of the school improvement plan.
    • Share the school improvement plan with all school stakeholders and get final approval from the School Leadership Team and the School Council.
    • Present student data and school improvement plan to Central Office Department Directors
    • Department Directors will make note of any school initiatives needing additional support from the Central Office. Department Directors will make the support of these school initiatives part of their department improvement plans.


    • Every initiative in the school improvement plan will have an individual identified as the team lead.
    • Communicate the school improvement plan with all faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.
    • Implement the initiatives with the identified resources. If initiatives change, an updated school improvement plan will be developed.


    • Leadership Team will collect academic/operational data to continually measure the effectiveness of each initiative.
    • Successful initiatives will be continued as standard procedures. The school improvement plan will be updated as necessary to include adjustments to any ineffective initiatives.
    • At the beginning of the second semester, schools will present the progress made on their school improvement plan and their student data to the Central Office Department Directors.
    • Any additional supports needed by the schools will be noted in the department improvement plans.
    • Summer training will be held by the Accountability Department for Principals and leadership teams to review the previous school year’s improvement plan with newly released student data such as Georgia Milestones or CCRPI indictors. Revised school improvement plans will be developed and turned into the Accountability Department by the beginning of the next school year.