Strategic Waivers School System (SWSS)

  • The Richmond County Strategic Waivers School System application was approved by the Georgia Department of Education on December 10, 2015.  Becoming a Strategic Waivers School System offers Richmond County flexibility from certain State Laws and State Board of Education rules in exchange for improved student achievement.  In July 2018, Richmond County School System applied to amend the Strategic Waivers Contract to include additional waivers.  The amended contract was approved by the State Board of Education in November 2018.



    Schools and Departments can request waivers by submitting a form to the Office of Accountability.  The waivers available to the Richmond County School System are included in the Resources below.  The process for the approval of the requested waivers can be found here.


    • For Certification Waivers, please click here
    • Schools applying for waivers regarding Class-Size or School Day/Year, please click here.  
    • For all other Strategic Waiver requests, please click here.
    • Departments requesting waivers, please click here