• Q: What do we need to do if our child has an allergy or specialized diet?

    A: Contact Patricia Fisher at 706-799-7539 or Arielle Kremer at 706-664-3877.


    Q: Will we have to pay for meals if our students attend Walker, Freedom Park, or Davidson?

    A: No, we are operating under the Seamless Summer Option and using area eligibility to provide all meals at no cost.


    Q: What if I can’t bring my children with me?

    We are focused on making sure all children eat. Come to the sites and you will be provided with meals.


    Q: What will the meals consist of?

    A: We are unable to provide a set menu.  We are working with our vendors to secure whatever items we can to provide reimbursable meals as well as using our current resources to avoid food waste.  All breakfasts will consist of 2 oz of grains, milk, juice, fruit.  All lunches will consist of an entrée (2 oz meat/meat alternate, 1-2 grains), vegetable, fruit, milk.


    Q: What if I do not have transportation to come to a distribution site?

    A: We are working with community partners, volunteers, and faith-based organizations to deliver meals to those who are homebound.  We will post that list of partners with their contact information as soon as possible.