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    Online learning requires structure, dedication, and discipline. You can support your child by creating an environment that is comfortable and distraction-free. Teachers will be in communication with you and your child so be sure to follow their guidance.  As with traditional classes, students must manage their time appropriately and implement good study skills. Feel free to modify one of the Sample Daily Schedules that are provided for every grade level. 


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    Academic help at home

    In order to provide our students with academic support outside of their class time, we have partnered with FEV Tutor: FEV Tutor provides engaging, 1-to-1 virtual tutoring services that are driven by data and personalized for each student. The result is a live service designed to truly drive measured student achievement gains available to all Richmond County Online Academy students in all subjects. We encourage our online students to take advantage of this opportunity.


    Other Resources

    Learn at Home Materials: Materials designed to help students reinforce the concepts they learn in school, and equip them for learning at home.

    Audible Stories: Hundreds of titles available completely free. The collection is a mix of stories to entertain, engage, and inform young people, ages 0–18. There are selections in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Italian.  

    Universal School Library: This website offers a growing collection of digitized books that have been curated by a national advisory group of school librarians, librarian educators and researchers. Currently, you can search and find selected books from a selection of school libraries across the country, as well as from nationally recognized book award and recommendation lists.