Instructional Software & Resource Review and Request Procedures
  • Instructional Resource Review Process


    All requests for instructional resources and software, including free resources, will go through the Resource Review Process. The process includes a vetting committee consisting of those from Instructional Technology and Media, Information Technology, content coordinators and Federal Programs (when funding is from this source).


    While any employee can request instructional software or resources, the request must be approved by their building administrator and cluster leader prior to going through the Resource Request Process. 


    Request Process


    Only instructional resources that support RCSS instructional practices as well as the curriculum goals established by the district will be considered for approval. To request that an instructional resource or software be reviewed, please adhere to the following procedure:


    1. Before requesting software, check the Reviewed Instructional Resources List to find out if it is used in the district.
    2. Refer to the Instructional Resource Review Consideration document prior to making the request.
    3. The Instructional Resource Purchase/Integration Request form must be completed. This form includes information about budget. If the request is made by someone other than an administrator, approval must be established by an administrator.
    4. Referring to the Resource Review Rubric, the vetting committee will determine if the software is to be approved or denied. A collection of stakeholders will be included on the vetting committee to provide a thorough evaluation.
    5. The requester will be notified by email of the decision of the committee. The results of the request can also be found on the Reviewed Instructional Resources page. The software will be identified as Approved, Denied (with explanation), Under Review (when in Committee) or In Process (when being ordered/installed).


    What about Canvas LTI's?


    Canvas External Apps can be configured at the account or course level. If apps do not already exist for a course, instructors can add external apps in their own courses. If an External App requires Admin installation, please follow the standard Instructional Software Request workflow above.


    Additional Notes:


    If the results are Approved, the requester will be notified of the next steps. The department's bookkeeper will order the software. The purchase approval route will include the Instructional Technology & Media Coordinator.