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    The holidays are a time for family and friends; however, they can also lead to stress. Be aware there is no pressure to have a picture perfect family holiday. We have to maintain realistic expectations for ourselves and others. Identify the things that are most important to your family and focus on those. 


    Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress ... For Adults

    • Maintain your foundation for mental wellness by eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep.  
    • Practice patience and forgiveness. 
    • Manage your expectations. 
    • Take a break from social media. 
    • Create a budget. 
    • Manage your time. 
    • Delegate. 
    • Avoid traffic and crowds. 
    • Think virtually. 
    • Practice self-care. 
    • Practice generosity of spirit. 


    Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress ... For Children

    • Recognize the signs of stress.
      • These include crankiness, irritability and a change in appetite or sleep habits.
    • Provide structure.
      • Kids thrive on routines, predictability. Therefore, structure is important for children especially during the holidays. Also, make sure kids get their sleep and take a nap or have a “quiet time” each day.
    • Set Clear Guidelines.
      • Gently remind children of your expectations before going to grandma’s or the mall. Then, remember to praise, appreciate, encourage and acknowledge the good behavior.
    • Give attention freely.
      • Love is spelled TIME. Laugh, cuddle and play with your kids. Let them choose their favorite games, activities or book to share with you and have fun.
    • Encourage physical exercise.
      • Exercise releases tension for children as well as burns excess energy! Plan daily for a minimum of 30 minutes of outside activities and play.
    • Watch your children’s diet.
      • Limit foods that may affect behavior, such as refined sweets, caffeine (found in chocolate and soft drinks), artificial preservatives and chemical coloring. Keep plenty of fresh fruit and raw veggies on hand for snacking


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