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    Richmond County School System 
    Learn at Home Plan

    During Learn at Home Day, all students are expected to continue learning and demonstrating mastery of their content. Each teacher will provide content and course specific assignments for their students to complete. The RCSS Learn at Home Days plan and resources can be found on our website at _____________.


    As you prepare for Learn at Home days, please do the following

    • Gather the tools you will need in order to provide instruction from hom Contact your media specialist if you need to check out a laptop or additional resources.
    • Review the Online Expectations for Face to Face teachers.
    • Survey your students’ levels of online access. Differentiate your content and course specific materials for your students’ diverse digital needs. Provide workbooks, textbooks and other consumables to students who have limited technology access. Be sure to make sure your course content is available offline (Canvas Offline) and share the tips for downloading and reading offline content (Canvas Offline).
    • Review available resources for lesson planning. Be sure to include unplugged assignments for students who may not have access to technology.  For unplugged lesson ideas and for other resources, be sure to visit the RCSS Distance Learning Webpage . A great starting point is Georgia Home Classroom Remote Learning Plans
    • Provide your students and parents with the information about WIFI access in the school parking lots and the WIFI bus locations and times. Post this information on your webpage.
    • Share your preferred contact method with your students (email, text, Remind, Dojo, etc.). Be available for communication throughout the regular school day hours.
    • Share your office and tutoring hours with your students and parents. Encourage your students to take advantage of FEV Tutor to schedule a tutoring session. Click here to learn how to schedule a tutoring session
    • Select a Canvas session to refresh ….
    • Establish expectations for student learning. Communicate your expectations to your studen Make sure they can access the software programs that you plan to use. Share your schedule for posting assignments, communicating, and grading work. Let your students know exactly how their work will be assessed and graded.
    • Explain your attendance protocol to your students.


    Need assistance while you are out? If you have technology support needs, please submit your requests to the Technology Department by calling  (706) 826-1103 or by emailing  the ithelpdesk@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us.

    Resources from GaDOE Division of Teaching & Learning:

    GPB Let's Learn GA! is series of video lessons in every content area for grades K-5 taught by Georgia teachers and aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.


    Open Educational Resources curated for teachers and students:
           GeorgiaStandards.org (Teacher Resource Link and Essentials Toolkit)
              Georgia Public Broadcasting

    Galileo library




    Other Resources:

    • Copyright Clearance Center: The resources on this list below are offered by a variety of educational publishers and content providers to help and support teachers and children.
    • Universal School Library: This website offers a growing collection of digitized books that have been curated by a national advisory group of school librarians, librarian educators and researchers. Currently, you can search and find selected books from a selection of school libraries across the country, as well as from nationally recognized book award and recommendation lists.
    • Digital Citizenship : Common Sense Media Lessons
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