• Proceeds from the 1¢ Education Sales Tax are used exclusively for infrastructure, textbooks, technology and transportation purposes and do not contribute to general operations.


    Over the past (18) years, the Richmond County Board of Education has been involved in a very aggressive Building Program.  This was needed to relieve overcrowding in our schools through major renovations, expansions and facility upgrades.  Currently, we are in Phase IV of the Bond Building Program.  The program, with involvement from the Board, Administrative Planning Committee, and the Community Oversight Committee, continues to be extremely successful!  Many thanks to our community for voting and passing SPLOST!


    Phase I  ~  Phase II  ~  Phase III  ~  Phase IV


Phase V 1¢ Sales Tax Extension

  • The education one cent sales tax extension will build urgently needed new classrooms.

    • There will be 14 expansion and renovation projects, 2 replacements schools, and 1 new PK-8 school for a total of 17 projects.

    • The entire $144.5 million budgeted will be devoted to meeting the immediate needs of our school system. Bonds will be issued to fund construction and will be repaid with proceeds from the one cent sales tax.

    • Good educational programs will promote economic growth and will protect property values.

    • The school board will continue to utilize a Program Manager and a Citizens Oversight Committee as was done in 1997, 2002, 2007, and 2012.

    • The use of bonds in conjunction with the sales tax allows us to begin construction immediately upon passage resulting in completion and payment for the projects within five years. Relying solely on the sales tax would require much more time for completion.

    • Funding of education infrastructure through a sales tax allows non county residents who shop in Richmond County to take a substantial burden off the shoulders of property owners.  People who move into the county in the future will also pay their share fair.

    • Every construction dollar will be spent in Richmond County.  Jobs will be created and we will receive the total economic impact of the entire expenditure.

Projects for Phase V 1¢ Sales Tax Extension


    ·         New PK-8 School on Dyess Parkway

    ·         Replacement Wheeless Road Elementary School (PK-5)

    ·         Replacement Sego—Rollins Campus PK-8



    ·         Academy of Richmond County Renovations—18 classroom addition, general renovations, auditorium renovations and additional parking.

    ·         Butler High School—General renovations, A/C second gym, fields and sitework

    ·         Cross Creek High School—Second gymnasium and HVAC renovations

    ·         Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School—6 classroom addition (grades 6—8) and specialty classroom addition—general renovations, auditorium renovation and roofing.

    ·         Glenn Hills High School—General renovations and A/C second gym

    ·         Hephzibah High School—Performance Gymnasium and Specialty Performance Theater*

    ·         A.R. Johnson Magnet School—6 classroom addition (Grades 6—8) and additional parking for Auditorium

    ·         T.W. Josey High School—HS—CTAE replacement Addition, HS baseball and softballs fields.  MS— Multi-purpose, MS fields.

    ·         Lucy C. Laney High School—General renovations and A/C second gymnasium

    ·         Westside High School—Specialty Performance Theater*

    *Specialty Performance Theater—Flex space multi-use Specialty Performance Theater for use with drama, music, and special education programs.


    ·         C.T. Walker Elementary School—General renovations

    ·         Garrett Elementary School—2 Specialty classroom addition

    ·         Terrace Manor Elementary School—General renovations

    ·         Warren Road Elementary School—6 classroom addition



    Acquiring textbooks, technology (hardware and software), and acquiring school buses and other vehicles for the safety, security and maintenance of the school facilities.  Replacing furniture, fixtures and equipment at schools throughout the School System.




    ·         Increase Pay-As-You-Go from $25.5M to $30M

    ·         A. Brian Merry Elementary School—General Renovations

    ·         Turf Fields for the following schools

    -          Westside High School

    -          Lucy C. Laney High School

    -          Cross Creek High School

    -          Turf Field #4—School TBD