Transfer Requests

  • In addition to our magnet schools and specialized programs which require a competitive application, we offer other school choice options (transfer requests) established by Georgia law or school district policy to meet our family’s needs.


    Children of employees of the Richmond County School System may attend the school that the parent works at or a school within the feeder pattern that the parent works at. 


    HB251 makes it possible to request a transfer to another school in Richmond County without a hardship. HB251 transfer applications are open from November 1 through May 1 each year.


    HB224 allows military families to attend any public school that is located within the school system in which the military base or off-base military housing in which the student resides is located, provided space is available for additional enrollment. 


    Families residing in Richmond County may request a zone exemption from one school attendance zone to another for extreme hardships. The hardships include medical, financial, and bullying, and proof of the hardship must be presented on the application. The school must have available space to be considered for the request.


    The school district sets the space available criteria as follows: any school that is above 90% of their enrollment capacity is not eligible for consideration for students who are out of zone. In addition, any newly opened school is not eligible for school choice for a period of four years.