• Can I apply for School Choice (HB251) AND Magnet Schools?

    Yes. Parents can apply to both and then select the desired school if accepted to both. Decisions for the 2024-2025 enrollment must be made in the Spring of 2024.


    Can I apply if I don't live in Richmond County, Georgia? 

    Yes, one may apply, but a student must be a resident of Richmond County at the time of registration in order to enroll. Students who are unable to provide proof of residency will forfeit their acceptance. 


    Can I make a correction to my application once it has been submitted? 

    Once your application has been submitted, you will not be able to make changes to your application. You must contact our school options office to make changes to your application. 


    Why do I have to provide my child's zoned school? 

    Once accepted into a magnet program, this information is used to alert the zoned school that the student will not be attending next year. This information helps us accurately staff our schools. A student's zoned school is not shared with the admissions team. 


    If my child is currently enrolled in a Richmond County School System school, can I find their student identification number in Parent Portal? 

    Yes. If you have an active account in Parent Portal, your child's student identification appears in the top left information box under the name of the school. The number typically begins with the digits 300. Directions for parent portal access can be found by clicking HERE


    Do I need to submit teacher recommendations?

    No. Teacher recommendations are no longer part of the application process. 


    Can I submit a paper application instead of applying online? 

    All applications must be completed online. Assistance will be available every Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm during the months of November and December by call (706)826-1136 or emailing haddebr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us


    Where/when will my child take the academic test? 

    During the application process, you will select a preferred testing date, time, and location. Your child will take the test at that location and will be considered for the program you selected, regardless of the test location. 


    Can my child attend a magnet school and participate in sports and/or extracurricular activities at their zoned school? 

    Students who are enrolled in a magnet school may not participate in sports and/or extracurricular activities at their zoned school or any other school. Richmond County Board of Education policy states that to be eligible for participation in athletics, an individual must be enrolled full-time in the school that sponsors the competitive activity. Students may participate in sports and/or extra-curricular activities that are offered at the school they are attending. 

  • How can I prepare by child for the magnet grades 1-12 testing? 

    Students applying for grades 1-12 will take a computerized Reading and Math assessment that will generate a Lexile and Quantile score. Students considered for admissions must perform on-grade level or higher. For more information about both measures, please visit www.lexile.com or www.quantiles.com. To best prepare your students, review the Georgia reading and math educational standards for your child's grade level. Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to testing for check-in. Students applying to grades 1-12 should bring their own pencils for testing. Students will be allowed to use the restroom and stretch between the two tests. 


    What will my child need to bring to the academic test? 

    Students applying to grades 1-12 should bring pencils only. Students applying to kindergarten do not need to bring any materials. 


    Do I need to remain at the school while my student takes the test? 

    Parents will need to remain on campus. Since each student works at his or her own pace, testing times may vary between 45 minutes and 3 hours. 


    Can my child be tested for kindergarten even if she is not yet old enough? 

    According to Georgia state law, students enrolling in kindergarten must reach the age of 5 by September 1. 


    If my child is gifted, do they still need to participate in the testing? 

    Yes, all applicants must participate in the testing. 


    Why do I have to indicate my child's gifted status? 

    This information is shared with the receiving school after the student has been accepted to ensure that gifted services are in place once the student arrives in the fall. This information is a voluntary portion of the application. Parents who do not wish to reveal this information on the application are not required. This information is not shared with the admissions team. 


    Can I change my mind about transportation? 

    Yes. If you change your mind, please let the school know during your March pre-registration meeting. 


    If my child is accepted, can they start now? 

    This application process is for the 2024-2025 school year.