Academy for Advanced Placement Studies

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    The Advanced Placement (AP) Studies are designed to expose the most highly capable students to a challenging, rigorous, and accelerated curriculum.  


    Successful candidates are challenged with opportunities in abstract thinking, problem-solving, and the use of higher-order thinking skills. The academy employs a school-wide enrichment model and uses project-based, hands-on instructional techniques. Students are highly engaged through differentiated instruction and are working at least one grade level ahead of other students in their age group and grade placement.  


    The Academy for Advanced Placement Studies enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school by offering an impressive selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our AP Academy schools are also supported by a three-year grant from the National Math and Science Initiative; students who make a qualifying score, are eligible for the students’ cash incentive. The academy is designed for students who are interested in, and have a strong aptitude for, the humanities and sciences.  




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