Zone Exemption Request

  • NOTE: Click HERE to submit a zone exemption request for the 2023-2024 school year. Please read the conditions of transfer prior to submitting your application.  


    Conditions of Transfer Request

    A. Students requesting a transfer from one attendance zone to another within the Richmond County school district may apply for the transfer through the Superintendent's office (or designee). The response will be to the e-mail provided on the application within 7-10 business days of receipt of the application. 


    B. Any school that is above 90% of their enrollment capacity is not eligible for consideration for students who are out of zone. In addition, any newly opened school is not eligible for school choice for a period of four years. 


    C. Acceptable behavior, arriving and being picked up in accordance with the school's time schedule, and attendance are required in order for exceptions to remain valid. 


    D. Transfers may be approved for extreme hardships ((Medical, Financial, and Bullying (with Bullying Packet) - (please attach documentation with completed application)) pending space availability. If space becomes an issue, students with zone exceptions must return to their zoned school. 


    E. Transfers are not considered for the following: 

    • Grievances arising from parent-school conflicts
    • Peer group associations
    • Discipline and/or attendance problems
    • General dissatisfaction with a particular school


    F. ALL Attendance Zones for students attending the public schools of Richmond County will be enforced in accordance with federal desegration requirements (Policy JBCC).


    G. Bus transportation is not furnished to transfer students. 


    H. The principal has the discretion to withdraw any student not meeting the above conditions. 


    I. School choice without hardships is available each year through House Bill 251. The application period for House Bill 251 is open annually from November 1 through May 1. 

  • Schools with Capacity


    Elementary Schools

    • A. Brian Merry
    • Barton Chapel

    • Bayvale
    • Blythe

    • Diamond Lakes
    • Glenn Hills Elementary
    • Goshen Elementary
    • Jamestown Elementary
    • Jenkins-White

    • Lamar Milledge
    • McBean

    • Meadowbrook

    • Sue Reynolds
    • Wilkinson Gardens


    Middle Schools

    • Glenn Hills Middle School
    • Langford Middle School
    • Spirit Creek Middle School
    • Tutt Middle School
    • W.S. Hornsby Middle School 


    High Schools

    • Butler High
    • Cross Creek High

    • Glenn Hills High

    • Hephzibah High 
    • T.W. Josey

    • Lucy C. Laney

    • Westside