John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet

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    John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School was founded in 1981 as a pillar of excellence in academics and the study of fine arts. In addition to rigorous academic preparation, students develop and explore the arts forms of drama, dance, visual art, music, and creative writing. Students specialize in areas of the arts as they advance each year. This provides an enriching environment for the study of the arts, establishing Davidson as one of the highest ranking schools in the state of Georgia and the nation. 

  • FAQ About Davidson's Auditions

    Students who selected Davidson as their first or second choice will receive an invitation to audition if they they met the following minimum criteria during the application process:
    • performed at or above grade level on the reading and math test
    • maintained a B average in all core subjects last year
    Students who met the minimum criteria will receive an email audition invitation. The invitation will be sent to the primary email provided during the application. Davidson will also post a copy of the audition schedule on their website ( Students will be listed by their application identification number.  After the initial academic screening, acceptance into Davidson is based solely on the audition performance. Due to the large number of applicants, entry into Davidson is extremely competitive. Applicants who do not receive an audition invitation will still be considered for their other magnet school or magnet program choices.