Visual and Performing Arts

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    The focus of the Visual and Performing Arts Program is to develop a student’s talents and passion for the arts. Students receive specialized studies in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. As an integral part of a strong academic program, the arts are approached through arts education, integration, and exposure.  


    At the elementary level, the arts are used as a catalyst for building a collaborative, creative, arts-infused culture and community. Students receive weekly classes in each of the four arts disciplines, as well as arts-integrated instruction in grade-based classroom. Students continuing to the middle and high school programs will receive seven consecutive years of rigorous, intensive instruction in the visual and performing arts at a pre-professional level. The program provides flexible, skill-based groupings in the visual and performing arts to address the needs of individual students.  


    Special Features: 

    • Students receive instruction in dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts 
    • Performance opportunities available at all levels 
    • Collaboration with businesses and community organizations to provide resources and give insight to the skills students need to become successful adults 


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