Performance Learning Center

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    The Performance Learning Center (PLC) is a non-traditional, virtual high school in Richmond County. The school promotes high academic standards through implementation of the curriculum set forth by the Georgia Department of Education and the expectations of the Richmond County School System. PLC provides a place where all students are challenged and expected to be responsible for their education; in this setting, teachers act as learning facilitators.  


    The Performance Learning Center offers a strong curriculum with more than 100 possible course selections in math, science, language arts, social studies, visual art, physical education, and the Entrepreneurship Pathway in CTAE. The educational model at PLC utilizes Edgenuity as the primary source of curriculum courseware in which students work and earn credits while attending class in an online environment. While attending PLC, students will master the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for success in technical school, college, the military, or work.  


    * Any student who desires an alternative education center is able to enroll without a referral.